Annie Oakley Buffalo Bill Triathlon

Wed June 3, 2020 Memphis, TN 38120 US Directions

This document will explain the necessary procedures P. R. Event Management, LLC will implement during the 2020 Annie Oakley Buffalo Bill Triathlon to be held on June 27, 2020.  This document will be sent to all participants, volunteers, and staff members.

To keep participants separated in the transition area, P. R. Event Management, LLC will enlarge the transition area and install more bike racks.  Before and after the event we will limit the number of participants inside the transition area.  We will separate the transition area by male and female using a fence; this will provide more space for everyone throughout the event.

We will add more toilets to the event site in addition to hand wash stations near the toilets, next to the transition area, at all water stops, and after the finish line.

The transition area will be set up on Thursday, June 25th by the Warriors, a rehabilitation center where all the workers live in the same home with little outside contact.  We will expand the hours of packet pick up from 4 hours to 7 hours; Friday, June 26.

On race day we will open the transition area at 5:00 am the women will set up first and start at 6:30 am, the men can arrive later to set up and their start 7:30 am.  The last finisher will finish by 10:30 am.

All participants must register online:, NO onsite registration!

On Friday June 26th packet pick will be at the race site, Walnut Grove Rd., and Farm Rd.  Registration will start at 12 noon and end at 7:00 pm.  Participants can park next to the Green Line close to the Transition area.  You will be REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACE COVERING!  You will be instructed to go to the north end of the transition area, which is the bike exit and entrance for the race.  Once there a staff member wearing a face covering will ask for your ID and tell you your race number, you will then enter the transition area and find your assigned bike rack and your packet pick up bag will be in the wheel well.  In your bag you will find your Bike Number, Run Number, Chip, Helmet Number, T-Shirt, and swim cap.

REMEMBER SOCIAL DISTANCING!  We will help everyone remember by having spray painted on the ground with markings every 6’.  We will limit the number of participants in the transition area at one time, we are increasing the hours of packet pick up in hopes to spread folks apart throughout the day.

All participants must show their ID to enter the transition area.  The transition area will be divided into two sections, one section for females and a section for males.  This will allow for the women to set up their transitions separate from the men.  This will limit the number of participants in the transition area before the start.  The men can set up their transitions later than women because of their later starting time.  After the start of the race the men will be instructed to enter the transition area on the west side, this is for set up only you will use the north and south exits and entrances during the race.

We will observe our Nation with the Star Bangled Banner at 6:15am, after the national anthem the super sprint triathlon female participants will make their way to the swim start.  YOU WILL ALSO BE WEARING YOUR FACE COVERING IN THE SWIM LINE AND STANDING 6’ APART FROM EVERYONE and carrying your packet pick up bag.  A few minutes before your swim start you will take off your mask and put it your bag, a volunteer will take your bag to your bike rack.  There will be paint markings on the ground every 6’ to help everyone keep separated.  You will enter the water every three seconds in numeric order.

The men will start at 7:30 am, they will line up at the end of the fenced in area along the Greenline.  YOU WILL ALSO BE WEARING YOUR FACE COVERING IN THE SWIM LINE AND STANDING 6’ APART FROM EVERYONE.  We will have water tables at this location.  Volunteers will pour water in the cups, WHILE WEARING GLOVES AND FACE COVERINGS, and participants will take the cups off the table, just like the run course.  This is also the run start water tables.


 Once exiting the water, racers will go to their bike and start the bike ride, one loop or two depending on the distance they registered.  According to USAT rules the bikers must stay 3 bikes lengths apart and pass within 15 seconds, no side by side riding.  After the bike they will go back to the transition area and rack their bike and put on their running gear.  There are 2 -3 water stops on the course, each stop will have multiple tables with cups of water on the tables.  Our volunteers will pour the water and set the cups on the tables WHILE WEARING GLOVES AND FACE COVERINGS.  Participants will serve themselves at each water stop, pick up a cup of water, and move away from the water stop.  This may slow down a few of our participants, so we recommend carrying your own running water bottle filled up from your home.  You will be running on a 10’ to 12’ multipurpose trail, and the course is an out and back course with a water stop at mile 1 and mile 2.  Each of these are turnaround points for the 2-mile and the 4-mile course.  DO NOT RUN SIDE BY SIDE you can adhere to the USAT bike rules and run 10 feet behind a runner (instead of 15’ on the bike) and make your pass as quickly as possible. 

Once the participants cross the finish line. they will be directed to tables that will be supplied with a bottle of water, finisher medal and a face mask.  Participants will keep walking away from the finish line for their cool down and drinking of their water.  We cannot give out cold wet towels at the finish line like we normally have in the past.  At this point we need to keep everyone separated, the sooner you can put your mask on the better for everyone.  Once properly cooled down participants will put on the supplied face mask so we can start letting participants in the transition area one at a time to retrieve their gear.  We will have painted 6’ markings on the ground to keep everyone separated, please pay attention to where you will enter the transition area.  We will have an announcer repeating instruction of where to go and when.

We will tell participants to retrieve their gear and leave the area as soon as possible.

We will not provide sit down tables or served food, no post-race activities.

Later in the afternoon we will host a virtual awards ceremony, details to come.

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