Carolina Beach Double Sprint

Saturday - May 20, 2023 Carolina Beach, NC 28428 US Directions
Race Logistics

Because of the unique format of the double sprint, there is some logistical information that will help participants on race day.

The map below will assist in understanding how this race works. The map also points out parking options for folks.

Two Transition Areas:

The Beach T.A. and the Bike T.A. are located a half mile from each other. Prepare for this walk on race day.

Beach Transition Area:

*  The Beach Transition Area is where Hamlet Ave dead-ends at the beach - past the public access ramp and on the beach itself. 
*  This is the transition area where participants will transition from Swim #1 to Run #1 - and then again from Run#2 to Swim #2.
*  Athletes are assigned spots marked by small yellow surveyors flags that are individually numbered. Look for your numbered flag (this is your race number).
*  The flags are close together, but provide enough room for your running gear.
*  Following Run #2, participants will strip down to their swim suits, grab their swim caps and goggles, and prepare for Swim #2.
*  Most participants wear their swim suits as their under garment for both the two run segments and the bike segment.
*  There will be a baby pool of water to rinse sandy feet as you exit the beach.
*  Following Swim #1, most participants put on their running gear - except for their shoes (and socks), and run off the sand and onto Hamlet Ave.
*  There will be a baby pool of water to rinse sandy feet as participants exit the beach. 
*  NOTE:  Participants MUST wear their swim cap during Swim #2 (as well as Swim #1). Don't forget to grab it after Run #2

Bike Transition Area

*  The Bike Transition Area is located in the playground at Carolina Beach Elementary School.
*  This is where participants will transition from Run #1 to the Bike and then back to Run #2.
*  There will be two points of entry: one for the run and one for the bike.
*  These entrances and exits will be clearly identified through the use of large inflatable archways.
*  All participants will have their own numbered bike slot.
*  Find your numbered bike rack and then find your specific space on that rack.
*  You’ll notice that half the numbers on the bike rack face one direction and the other half face the other direction.
*  Place your bike on the rack centered on your number and facing the same direction as your number. Wheel is down on the same side as your number.
*  This will allow for more space between bikes for placing your gear. Each rack accommodates six bikes - three bikes on one side and three bikes on the other side.
*  Do not make a complete change of clothing in the transition area or other event area.
*  There will be port-a-johns located near the transition area as well as the finish/start area. Please use these units if you plan to change clothing.
*  Participants only in the transition area.
*  After the race, you will be required to show your race number (body marking or run number) to check your bike out of transition.


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