To ensure everyone's safety and to help everyone have a good time, it is important that ALL participants familiarize themselves with the following race rules:

The NO's


  1. Litter - NO LITTERING!
  2. Race Bib - Make sure your race bib is always clearly visible.  You can pin your bib to your shirt or pants or pack, but the entire number must be clearly visible from the front. If we can’t tell who you are as you approach, we reserve the right to stop you until you fix it.
  3. Cheating - No course cutting–follow the marked course at all times. It will be clearly marked with blue flags planted along the trail as well as cones with signs.
  4. DNFs - Do NOT drop out of the race without notifying race staff at the finish line or an aid station.  This is for safety/runner tracking so we have a complete account of who is on the course at all times.
  5. Pets - Pets are not allowed to race with you.  They can, however, welcome you at aid stations and the start/finish line as long as they are on a leash held by a spectator.
  6. Mandatory Flashlights - A headlamp, flashlight, or similar lighting is mandatory when running before daybreak and after dark.
  7. Aid Station Cutoffs - The aid station closing times are firm.  Cut-off times are departure times, NOT arrival times. If you’re not out of the station by the cut-off, your race is over. Aid station staff also have the authority to pull you from the course if it is clear that you are physically unable to continue in a safe manner. Their decisions are final, and if you refuse to vacate the course when directed, you will be disqualified.
  8. Maps - Review the maps of the course and be familiar with race trail markings.  
  9. Park Rules - Please comply with all park regulations.  
  10. Pacers - Pacers are allowed for the final 2 laps of the 100 mile (see pacer rules below).  Pacers are not allowed for the 20 mile and 100 kilometer events.

Relay Rules

Relay runners must obey all rules listed above as well as the following:

  1. Relay teams are composed of 2 - 5 runners. 
  2. Relay runners do not need to declare which legs they are running. You are free to decide which legs each
    registered team member runs.
  3. Relay runners are asked to wear a back bib to be easily identified by solo runners.
  4. Relay runners should announce “Relay” when passing out of courtesy to solo runners.
  5. Exchanges at aid stations are on the honor system. There will be no formal exchange area. Once the
    incoming runner has entered the aid station, the outgoing runner is free to start the next leg.
  6. Relay runners must not drop between exchange points.  This is for safety/runner tracking so we have a complete account of who is on course at all times.
  7. If a relay participant cannot complete their segment due to injury, the next person can start at the last aid
    station completed that allows crew access. If this is not an exchange area, the results will show that the
    second runner completed both segments.
  8. You cannot start mid-course or at aid stations that do not permit

Pacer Rules

  1. Pacers may not carry any aid or supplies (AKA “muling”) for their runners or otherwise assist them outside of pacing duties when not at an aid station. While at and aid station runners can assist with volunteers in helping their runners, but once the aid station is out of sight the aid must stop.
  2. Pacers must stay with you and wear your numbered pacer bib visible to the front at all times. 
  3. Pacers must complete the online registration form (which is free).  This includes answering all required questions and signing the waiver.  Since they are registered, on-duty pacers are entitled to the same support as the registered runners, as long as their bib is fully visible to the front.
  4. When changing pacers, be sure the bib gets transferred to the new pacer. Anyone without a registered runner bib or a valid pacer bib, or who is not a registered volunteer for that specific location/time will not be entitled to any of the event support and will not be permitted in any areas designated for registered event participants during the race. This includes (but is not limited to) aid stations, warming stations, all food and drink support, and any other event-related service or support.
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