Sunrise Triathlon Race Series

Sun May 15 - Mon July 25 Shreveport, LA 71115 US Directions
Sunrise Race #1

Swim – 400 YARDS
Time Trial Start, Snake Style Swim

Bike – 14.40 miles
Garmin Link -
A Mount/Dismount line will be clearly marked at the exit of the transition area. You must cross this line
BEFORE mounting your bike. Be aware of other riders around you when mounting your bike and be
conservative and courteous with spacing as this area may be congested. Do not block the exit.

Bike course:
• Exit transition area/Town South Swim Club parking lot, mount your bike,
and head southeast on Smitherman Drive
• Mile 0.30: Turn left at Stratmore Drive
• Mile 0.34: Turn right at Youree Drive/Highway 1
• Mile 7.19: turnaround cone
• Return along the same route

Additional information:
Slow down when you approach the dismount line. You must dismount your
bike and have both feet on the ground BEFORE crossing the dismount line to enter the transition area.
Police will be at all major intersections. Course volunteers will be at all other turns directing you. The course is open to traffic so STAY ALERT! You are responsible for your own safety. Ride in the right-hand lane close to the shoulder of the road unless overtaking another rider. Never pass on the right. Look behind you for traffic before passing. All USAT racing rules are in effect. A list of common violations is attached.

Take extra precautions at the following points:
• Miles 4.90 and 9.10 -- RR tracks on Youree/Hwy 1
•Mile 13.50 -- watch for traffic behind you on Youree/Hwy 1 when
changing to the left lane for the left turn on Stratmore; vehicles maybe
approaching from behind you at high speeds

Run – 2.66 miles
The run begins on the north end of the transition area (opposite end from the bike in and out)

Run course:
• Exit transition area/Town South Swim Club parking lot and turn left on
Town South Drive toward Village Green Drive
• ~Mile 0.20: Turn right on Village Green Drive
• ~Mile 0.29: Turn left at Demery Boulevard entering New Brunswick
• ~Mile 0.50: Turn left at Calliope Lane
• ~Mile 0.82: Turn left at Baccarat Drive
• ~Mile 0.93: Turn left at Gardere Drive
• ~Mile 1.20: Turn right at Demery Boulevard
• ~Mile 1.27: Exit New Brunswick subdivision and turn right at Village Green Drive
• ~Mile 1.80: Village Green Drive turns slightly left and becomes Galway Drive
• ~Mile 2.08: Galway Drive turns slightly left and becomes Smitherman Drive
• ~Mile 2.21: Smitherman turns slightly left; continue on Smitherman past the bike in and out (be aware of riders on Smitherman as it is part of the bike course)
• ~Mile 2.63: Turn left back into Town South Swim Club at the north end of
the transition area (the same place you exited for the run); the finish line will
be next to the runout

Follow the flour arrows. Know the route as there may not be volunteers on every turn. All roads are
open to traffic so STAY ALERT!


Parking for all Sunrise Series Races will be at University Elementary. No parking will be allowed along Smitherman Drive or Town South Drive and violators will be ticketed or towed. See attached map for race site and parking locations. It is less than 2/10 of a mile from University Elementary to the transition area.

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