The Commitment:

  • Equal Podium Spots
  • Equal Prize Money & Awards
  • Women’s specific swag & apparel.
  • Menstrual products at aid stations.
  • Equal opportunity/space for women on the starting line.

There are all kinds of approvals, accreditations and standards when it comes to race verification. Most cover safety, technical procedures, and general organizational handling. Those are all important and needed, but where are the accreditations for equality? If both women and men are paying equal amounts to participate in your race, don’t they deserve an equal experience? 

Trail Sisters has created a Trail Sisters Approved standard to identify and promote races who abide by the above standards. These standard were developed and set forth by a team of women trail racers. These standards are a starting point, as there is much more that can be added, but the goal is to start moving forward and making progress.