Brick House Triathlon, Duathlon & Adventure Race

Sat October 22 - Sun October 23 Navasota, TX 77868 US Directions
Adventure Race Rules

Brick House Adventure Race Rules

General rules/guidelines 

1. All team members must be able to regroup in 30 seconds at all times when racing. A 15-minute penalty will be assessed, if a race official sees a team breaking this rule. 

2. All team members must go up to within 10 meters of every check point (unless otherwise specified by race officials

 3. Misplaced Checkpoints -We will do everything possible to insure accurate check point placement. However, teams will be expected to be accurate navigators as well. 

4.  Passports must be carried the entire race.  Miss-punch- If you accidently punch the wrong box punch the correct box at the CP

5. Lost passport – Disqualification - you may continue unranked.

6. All checkpoints should be punched in order unless otherwise specified by race staff. Teams that do not find all check points will be ranked according to how many checkpoints they do find. A 1 check point penalty will be accessed, if a race official catches a team breaking this rule. 

 7. If there is a section or special test, such as a climbing, in which a team member(s) does not want to participate, a time penalty may be accessed in place of the task.

 8.Race bibs (if provided) must be worn on the outside of clothing at all times, except while paddling. Race bibs do not 

 9. It may be determined that there are certain roads or land areas which are off limits. These off-limit areas will be described in the pre-race meeting or at the beginning of a race section. A 1 check point penalty will be accessed, if a race official catches a team breaking this rule.

 10. GPS units may not be used. However, GPS tracker phones may be enabled and used for recreational purposes after the race. You may also have a watch with GPS but it needs to be out of sight. Using a GPS during the race is grounds for disqualification. 

11.  Use of cellular phone is for emergencies only. No other use is allowed. Unless special instructions are given by race officials.

12.. In the case of dangerous weather, the race course may be modified.

 13. Only maps provided by race officials may be used during the race. That includes in the transition area. Penalty is DQ 

14. Support is permitted for this race, but only in the transition area. Penalty is DQ 

15. Helmets must be worn by all team members anytime you are on the bike.   

16. A PFD (type 3) must be worn by all team members, at all times, during any paddle or water related section (unless otherwise specified by race staff). 

17. Any type and combination of kayaks or canoes may be used for this race.  No motors, peddles, permanently attached sails (no rivets, bolts, etc...), or other propulsion systems may be used. Your boat(s) may have a rudder system and/or a tow system.

18.  NO LITTERING!  Leave no trace!

19.  Race officials reserve the right to remove a team from the course for health, safety or other reasons, at the discretion of race officials and medical personnel.

20.  Any team withdrawing from the race must notify a “live” person by checking in with at a CP or TA volunteer or by calling the race director. 

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