Echo Haiti

Donation Goal: $3,000

We are a group based in Wilmington who have been sponsoring an orphanage in Haiti.  We have been working closely with this orphanage for eight years and have seen huge improvements in the health and growth of the kids and community.  We provide food, housing and medical for the kids at the orphanage, plus we built them a school that also serves about 70 other children from the community who would otherwise not be able to afford a school.  We are trying to raise enough money to continue these operations and purchase more land.  This land would allow our school to expand into high school age, vocational programs and serve more children.  In addition, it would provide more space for the children in the orphanage.  Currently, there are 35 children in a 2,000 square foot home. They need more room.  All in all your donations will amplify hope of over 100 children in Haiti.  Our goal is to make such a loud sound with these kids that it echos throughout Haiti for generations.  


Raised of $3,000


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$25 from Anonymous
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