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Race Day Details

Below are all race day details and reminders. Please make sure to read the information carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

- RACE DAYS : For iTRI Multisports, (triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons), please arrive by ​6:30 AM to allow time for check in and to prepare transition area. Check-in will close at ​7:15AM. Participants must be present at check in to receive all race numbers and be marked up for the event. Race numbers issued are to be displayed on helmet, bike, and front of shirt or on race bib. Athletes must report to their respective starting areas by 7:30AM. (i.e. pool for triathlons and aquathlons, finish line for duathlons). Race will start at 7:45AM and 8:00AM.


- COVID-19 Protocols : As per Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation: Organized group activities and athletics will be permitted, provided that appropriate use of approved facial covering, frequent use of hand hygiene and at least 6 feet of social distancing is maintained between people from different households. Participants will NOT be required to wear a mask while taking part in their race. We do ask to please wear your masks when at the check-in/registration tents and when speaking to our staff and volunteers. 


- SPECTATORS : Spectators will be allowed to stand on either side of the finish line throughout the event. While on the pool deck, spectators will be asked to stay in the bleachers area. There will be no parents allowed in transition area nor on the bike or run courses. Volunteers will be in place to help participants if needed.


 - WHAT TO BRING : All events are held outdoors, on or near the soccer field of Tamiami Park, and will go on RAIN OR SHINE. Please make sure you bring whatever you need to be comfortable during the course of the event. For those participating in the triathlon, we ask that you wear swimming attire that can be easily worn on a bicycle and comfortably run in. Participants may put a shirt on over their swimming attire for the run portion. Race number is required for the run portion, either pinned to the shirt or placed on a race bib. For those participating in the duathlon, you should wear comfortable running clothes and sneakers. Bicycle helmets ARE REQUIRED for the bike portion of the event. No helmet, no racing. We advise to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, chairs, blankets, snacks, water, water and more water. It's very important to stay hydrated in our wonderful Miami weather. 

**Pets are NOT allowed at the event. If you bring your pet, you will be asked to leave the field.

**Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed at the event.**  

**Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed at the event.**


 - STAY CONNECTED : **PLEASE make sure to follow our SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES, @itrikidsracing, on Instagram and Facebook. Any last minute changes to the event the day of will be immediately posted on these pages. 


 - CHECK-IN TENT : CHECK-IN WILL CLOSE AT ​7:15​AM! There will be no registration available on race day. It is very important that all participants arrive early on iTRI Multisports days as our these events take more time to complete. We need to ensure all participants are ready to start on time.


 - TRANSITION AREA : TRANSITION AREA WILL CLOSE AT ​7:15 AM! All participants must have their area prepared and ready to go for the race prior to 7:15 AM. Parents are not allowed in transition area after it has closed. Volunteers will be in place to assist participants.


 - T-SHIRTS : A race shirt is included with each registration. Shirts will be distributed on race day. If you would like to purchase multisport merchandise such as race belts, swim caps, etc, they are available online at our store or the day of the event, while supplies last. Click here to visit our iTRI store.


 - ENTRANCE TO PARK AND PARKING : The best entrance to arrive at the soccer field at Tamiami Park is located off 112 Ave and Coral Way. Once you enter the park from Coral Way (24th St), continue forward until your first stop sign, then make a left, the soccer fields will be to your right, behind a basketball court. Please use the parking lot in front of the basketball court to park. There is no parking permitted on the open field East of the soccer fields. All vehicles must park in the parking lot located in front of the basketball courts, south of the field. Please take a look at the event map for more details.
Restrooms are located West of the parking lot, by the baseball fields. Please make sure your child uses the restroom prior to 7:15AM.


 - COURSES : Each course will be marked and explained at our iTRI Multisports clinc. Date and time TBA. Parents ​and/or family/friends ​are NOT allowed to run with the athletes and must remember to stay in designated areas off the running and cycling course. We need to ensure we have a safe course for all the runners and cyclists, regardless of age or speed. *Courses subject to change on race day due to field conditions.* Make sure to review all race routes prior to event. Review Race Routes Here.


 - CONDUCT : Good sportsmanship is a big part of what we are trying to teach the athletes. We hope that the parents will help us with this on and off the race course. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. If anybody is found displaying poor sportsmanship, athlete or spectator, appropriate action will be taken including but not limited to warnings, suspensions, and/or disqualification. Review athlete etiquette tips below with your young athlete to ensure a safe and fair race for all.

  • Pool
    • All athletes will be sent off one by one in the pool. 
    • IF an athlete should feel the need to pass a swimmer, gently tap their feet so they are aware they will be passed. ALL passing is to the left of the athlete in front of you.
    • NO Running on the pool deck.
  • Transition - T1 and T2
    • There will be one entrance to transition, Transition IN, and one exit out of transition, Transition OUT
    • Once transition is closed, there are no parents allowed in the area.
    • Athletes must be courteous and cautious of their items as well as other athlete's belongings. Please be careful around bike racks and other items in the area. If an athlete knocks over another athlete's belongings, please return it to the area it was in.
    • There is NO RUNNING in transition area. Please mount and discount bicycles in designated areas. Please watch for signs.
  • Bike Route
    • it is custom when riding a bicycle to always stay on the right hand side of the road. If an athlete approaches another cyclist and would like to pass him/her, please start shouting "ON YOUR LEFT" continuously  this way the cyclist in front is aware that someone will be passing them on their left hand side.
    • Training wheels will be allowed for athletes in the following events:
      • Triathlon 6-7 year old division
      • Triathlon 8-9 year old division
      • Duathlon 5-7 year old division
      • Duathlon 8-9 year old division
  • Run Route
    • Space: you and other runners are entitled to your space, but it is your responsibility to maintain a safe distance to ensure you nor the other runners are in danger.
    • Cutting Runners off: with the above said, please remind your young athletes, cutting runners off is not good sportsmanship. All the kids are excited to get to the finish line, but try to stay in your lane without pushing, shoving, or cutting someone off. Warnings will be issued with time penalties and disqualifications to follow if participants continue this behavior.  
    • Passing Runners: as some parents may know, when passing runners or cyclists in an event, it is custom to say "on your left", to not startle that person you are ready to pass. 
  • Good Sportsmanship
    • If you see an athlete that is down, please ask if they need assistance. At that point, if you feel you cannot help them, please find then nearest volunteer for help.
    • Always cheer everyone on, whether it is someone you are passing or someone coming out of the pool while you are waiting your turn, always say "good job". "you got this". Simple acts of kindness and encouragement go a long way.


- WEATHER : We run rain or shine. We only cancel a race due to course conditions and severe weather conditions. Please make sure to follow our social media pages, as that will be the quickest form of communication to all athletes for any last minute race day changes. No make-up races will be made and no refunds will be given.


 - RACE BLING : Medals will be given to each participant. Top 3 trophies will be awarded to those participants that have completed their race. Tuesday following the race, you will receive an email with instructions on where to find the official results including overall time and split times for each discipline. (i.e swim, first transition, bike, second transition, and run).


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