Quick Tree Facts

Businesses on tree-lined streets experience increased sales as shoppers linger longer.

Children perform better in school if they are able to spend time in green settings.

Neighbors spend more time outside and have more opportunities to meet one another in areas that have trees.

Crime rates are significantly lower in green communities.

Urban areas without trees become heat-islands.

Concetration of concrete and asphalt traps and releases heat during the day and into the night.

A well-treed community can save at least $725,000 a year in energy costs.

One tree absorbs 400 gallons of water.

One hundred trees capture 250,000 gallons of rainwater.

Trees increase a home's property value anywhere from 5-9%.

A shaded roadway's life will be extended by at least 12%.

One tree produces $625 in oxygen per year, enough for four people.

A 100 foot width of trees can reduce sound by 6-8 decibels.

People for Trees recognized for distinction.
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Our next Eco-Kids Adventure!

The Eco-Kids Club---Creek to River!
The Eco-Kids Club, an outdoor adventure club that is open to all children (recommended ages 5 and up) who want to explore the great outdoors of Florida, will meet on Saturday, June 23 at the Deer Prairie Creek Park located at 11045 S. Tamiami Trail in North Port (along Hwy. 41 (N) just before River Road),10-11:30AM. The Eco-Kids will explore the trails that border Prairie Creek and the Myakka River! Discover the animals, plants, and ecosystems of Florida and the amazing things that are in your own backyard! (Parents are welcome to join in the fun, too!)
Please wear sneakers and proper attire (shorts and t-shirt OK, NO tank tops). Suggested donation: $2 per child.
The Eco-Kids excursions are led by Alice White, chair of People for Trees, and long-time North Port resident and teacher since 1990. For more information visit www.peoplefortrees.com, or email treelady12001@yahoo.com, call/text (941) 468-2486.
People for Trees is a non-profit native tree advocacy group that has been creating awareness about the importance of maintaining our tree canopy since 1997.

Girl Scouts add some natural beauty to North Port!

Girl Scout Troops 190 and 782 recently decided to plant a butterfly attracting/pollinator garden at the People for Trees Commemorative Tree Walk located along Tamiami Trail. After they designed a garden that included golden dewdrop, thryallis, firebush, firecracker, milkweed, and pentas ( all Florida-Friendly plants!)they got to work and did the planting. Great job girls!

Pre-schoolers plant a tree!

Children at the Center for Learning Academy in North Port planted a native Cherry Laurel tree in honor of Earth Day in April. We love it when people want to plant trees! (We planted one for them two years ago, too!)

More native trees have arrived!

Due to the tree-mendous demand for our native trees at the Tree Fair, we arranged for another delivery. We now have southern red cedar, dahoon holly, red maple, longleaf pine ($12 each, 3-gallon)along with sweetgums, as well as wax myrtle, a native shrub ($8, 3-gallon). Call or email for an appointment to come over. (941) 468-2486 or treelady12001@yahoo.com

Fairy Houses to be displayed at North Port Library during June!

For those who submitted a Fairy House for our Display and Contest during the Tree Fair, we have made arrangements to have them displayed at the North Port Public Libraries during the month of June! Please bring your creation to the Tamiami Trail library on June 1 or on June 2 before 12 noon. Thank you!

More trees on the way!

I'm putting in another tree order as people still want MORE trees! Please let me know if you'd like a tree or two. $15, 3-gallon size: Longleaf Pine, Slash Pine, Dahoon Holly, Red Cedar, REd Maples, plus Wax Mrytle ($10). treelady12001@yahoo.com or call/text (941)468-2486.

Our Tree Fair was tree-mendous!

Close to 500 trees left the fair yesterday to be planted! Big thanks to our volunteers, the Master Gardeners who helped with the tree sales, and Simply Trees for putting on tree demonstrations and offering their expert advice.

North Port Tree Ordinance input needed!

Clear-cutting has long been a standard practice in North Port although it is an unsustainable practice.

Residents of North Port, now is the time to let your passion about protecting our native tree canopy be known to our city officials. Discussions are underway to make changes to the tree protection ordinance, an issue that was the catalyst for the formation of People for Trees back in 1997!
This link will take you to the survey and ‘suggestion box’ at the bottom of the survey. http://www.cityofnorthport.com/government/city-services/neighborhood-development-services/tree-ordinance-input

Also mark your calendar for two community meetings on the Tree Ordinance.

#1 = Monday, April 23 at 1pm at the Shannon Staub Library (at the Suncoast Technical College on Cranberry & Toledo Blade)

#2 = Wednesday, April 25 at 6pm at the Morgan Center
Please make every effort to attend one of these meetings to let your thoughts be known about how much having a beautiful tree canopy means to you.

Fairy House Display & Contest!

Children of all ages are invited to submit a Fairy House for display in the “Enchanted Forest” and judging at the “Tree Fair 2018!” that will be held on Saturday, April 21 from 10AM-2PM, at the North Port Community Center, 4940 Pan Am Blvd., hosted by People for Trees, Inc.
A Fairy House is a small structure where fairies can live in harmony with nature. It can be of any design that is made entirely from natural materials such as sticks, bark, pine cones, acorns, pebbles, shells, feathers, etc., and fairies know not to harm anything that is growing. The house should be built upon a base so it can be transported easily and submitted by 11AM the day of the Tree Fair at which time fairies will gather in song and dance led by singer/songwriter Elaine Silver. Judging of the Fairy Houses will take place at 1:00 with prizes and ribbons awarded at 1:30. “Best of Show” will be given for both an adult and a child entry ($50 cash prizes). Children can also create a Fairy House at the fair, using birdhouses that will be available (suggested donation $2).
For more information contact Alice White (941) 468-2486 or treelady12001@yahoo.com or visit www.peoplefortrees.com

Tree Fair 2018!

Hundreds of native trees will be for sale at our annual Tree Fair!

Saturday, April 21, 10AM-2PM, North Port Community Education Center, 4940 Pan Am Blvd. Hundreds of native trees for sale: sweetgum, elm, bald cypress, dahoon holly, pignut hickory, southern red cedar, slash pine. 3-gallon size, $15 each. Tree-climbing demonstrations and certified arborist Q&A by "Simply Trees", Tree information Workshop @ 11:30, Fairy House contest and exhibit, music by Rev. Faerie Elaine Silver with a special Fairy Gathering at 11:00! For more information contact Alice White (941) 468-2486, treelady12001@yahoo.com

The Eco-Kids Adventures begin again!

After a long hiatus, the Eco-Kids Club is back!
Saturday, March 24, 10AM. We’ll meet at Butler Park and take a fun-filled hike along a portion of the Myakkahatchee Creek! Please wear sneakers and proper attire ( shorts and t-shirt OK, NO tank tops!) Recommended ages 5 and up. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun, too! Suggested donation: $2 per child.
For more information, contact Alice White, (941) 468-2486, treelady12001@yahoo.com

October to be proclaimed as "People for Trees, Inc." Month in North Port!

October 5, 1PM, North Port City Hall. North Port City Commissioners will issue an proclamation declaring October 2017 to be "People for Trees, Inc." month in order to commemorate our 20 years of promoting awareness about the protection and maintenance of our native tree canopy. Alice White, chair, will also show a pictorial history of just some of our events, activities, and accomplishments from the past 20 years of greening North Port and surrounding communities! Please join us for this historical moment!

Tree-mendous Program coming up!

Thursday, September 7, 1PM, North Port City Hall. Marguerite Beckford, Horticulture Agent with the Sarasota County Extension, will present "Treejuvenation!" to the commissioners. "Treejuvenation" is to promote tree planting opportunities within Sarasota County and to establish tree planting partnerships. It focuses on Forestry Development in Greenspaces, Watersheds, and Neighborhoods. Please attend to show your support for planting more trees !

"Simply Trees"! program

Join us Oct. 4, 6:30PM at the North Port Library!

Oct. 4, 6:30 PM, People for Trees presents certified arborists from "Simply Trees", the best/worst trees to plant and the correct way to prune/care for trees. Powerpoint slideshow. All are welcome. Learn what needs to be done to stop the clear-cutting of our native tree canopy! NP Library, 13800 Tamiami Tr. (941) 426-9752

Sponsors needed for our 8th Annual Tour de North Port fundraiser bicycle ride!

Sponsors are now being sought for the 8th Annual Tour de North Port, “It’s the Green Pumpkin!”, that will take place on Sunday, October 22. Sponsored by People for Trees, a non-profit native tree advocacy group since 1997, the Tour de North Port is not a race but an organized bicycle ride where cyclists follow a 15, 35, or 65-mile route through North Port that highlights the city’s parks and natural settings. There will also be a “Gravel Grinders” off-road route for mountain bikers, traveling over the Connector Bridge at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park and continuing into the Carlton Preserve. The ride includes breakfast, lunch, rest stops, and SAG support. Last year, almost 350 riders took to the streets of North Port!
Businesses, individuals, and groups can support this unique community event with one of two sponsorship levels: “Event” sponsors ($200) will be included on all items relating to the event such as press releases, promotional literature, registration website, and ride t-shirt. Event sponsors will also receive two complimentary ride registrations ($80 value). “T-shirt” sponsors ($100) will be included on the ride t-shirt and receive one complimentary ride registration ($40 value).
Contact Alice White/941-426-9752 or email treelady12001@yahoo.com by August 1 in order to receive the full sponsorship value.

Native trees are here!

We have just received a new delivery of 3-gallon native trees, (heights range from 2 1/2 feet to 5 feet): Dahoon Holly, Southern Red Cedar, Red Maple, Pignut Hickory, Slash Pine, Bald Cypress, and our all-time favorite native shade tree, the sweetgum. Only $12 each. email (treelady12001@yahoo.com) or call/text (941) 468-2486 to arrange a time to come over!
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is NOW."

Kayak Excursion #8 planned for May 13!

People for Trees has been organizing informal kayak outings since last August. Our next one will be Saturday, May 13, starting from the Venice Myakka River Park, 7501 Laurel Rd., Nokomis, 10AM launch. Experience the Myakka in all of its undisturbed glory! We'll paddle about 2 miles up the river, and then return to the park. BYO kayak, lifevest, etc. There is no charge but donations to support the efforts of People for Trees are always welcomed! (941) 468-2486 for more info.

Fairy House Display/Contest to be featured at Tree Fair 2017!

There will be a “Fairy House” exhibit with ribbons and prizes awarded including “Best of Show” Adult Entry ($50 cash prize) and “Best of Show” Child Entry ($50 cash prize). Entries may be a team effort. A Fairy House is a small structure where fairies can live in harmony with nature. Houses should be built using only natural materials (i.e. sticks, bark, pebbles, shells, pinecones, pine needles, acorns, etc.). Houses should be built upon a base so they can be transported easily. They will be displayed outdoors within the natural areas of the festival. Children of all ages are invited to submit a Fairy House between 9-10AM in order to be displayed throughout the festival and to be eligible for judging. Judging will take place at 1:00 with awards at 1:30. (Each Fairy House will receive a ribbon.)
Children attending the Tree Fair will have the opportunity to create their own Fairy House!

"Hug a Tree" musical program at "Tree Fair 2017!"

Rev. Faerie Elaine Silver

"Rev. Faerie" Elaine is a seasoned and consummate musician as well as an accomplished singer, songwriter, and a Certified Beatleologist! She will be performing Positive and Environmental songs at the People for Trees' "Tree Fair 2017!" from 11AM-12noon, North Port Community Center, 4940 Pan Am Blvd. (The Tree Fair is from 10-2.)

Tree Fair 2017!

Tree Fair 2017 to feature trees and a whole lot more!

“Tree Fair 2017” sponsored by People for Trees, Inc. will take place on Saturday, April 22 from 10-2 at the North Port Community Education Center, 4940 Pan Am Blvd.
“Tree Fair 2017” will feature hundreds of 3-gallon native trees (approx.6-8 feet tall) for sale for $12 each. Choose from Florida Sweetgum, American Elm, Bald Cypress, Slash Pine, Southern Red Cedar, Dahoon Holly, Pignut Hickory. You can find out more information about these glorious trees and how to plant and maintain them by attending a free indoor 30-minute tree workshop at 9:30 that includes visuals and handouts.
The environmental and financial benefits of using cloth diapers instead of disposables will be the topic of the 30-minute workshop “Using Cloth Diapers, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!” that will be presented at 12 noon. It will include a powerpoint slideshow, demonstrations, and a Q&A period. A number of free door prizes will include a starter set of cloth diapers, diaper covers, and diaper pails.

Kayak Excursion #7

Join us as we explore the area's waterways by kayak or canoe. All are welcome, especially beginners! For this one, we'll launch from Deer Prairie Creek Preserve (entrance on northbound side 41, just before River Rd.) at 10AM, paddle north on the Myakka River before returning to our starting point. Plan on about a 2 1/2 hour paddle. BYO kayak, lifevest.

Another tree for our Commemorative Tree Walk!

Cub Scout Pack #832 planted a native Mahogany Tree in December, 2016 along our Commemorative Tree Walk. Find out how YOU can plant a tree, too! Contact Alice White at treelady12001@yahoo.com

Kayak Excursion #5

Our paddle from the Venice Myakka River Park located at the end of Laurel Rd. in Nokomis to Snook Haven, about 5 miles, had about 50 kayakers take to the water! People for Trees has been providing eco-tourism opportunities in and around North Port for the past 20 years, since 1997. Hikes along the Myakkahatchee Creek, an annual Tree Fair, Eco-Kids, and our annual Tour de North Port bicycle tour in October.

Tree Rally!

Friday, November 4, 5-6:30 PM. We'll be at the corner of Price and Sumter ( a large parcel that was TOTALLY clear-cut for development), North Port. "We can do better!" "The REAL Florida is disappearing!" " Development AND tree protection CAN co-exist!" Join us!

Kayak Excursion #4

Saturday, Oct. 15
Launch from Jacaranda Blvd. in Venice, just NORTH of I-75 overpass. Launch site is on the left. We'll put in Curry Creek and meet up with the Myakka River, then end at Snook Haven. About 5 miles, 3 hours. One-way paddle. We'll carpool back to our starting point. Supply own kayak, life vest, etc. 8AM launch. (941) 468- 2486 for more information

The good, the bad, and the ugly about Florida Gardening

How NOT to trim a tree!

People for Trees presents: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Florida Gardening”
On Thursday, October 13 at the North Port Art Center located at 5950 Sam Shapos Way beginning at 6PM, all are invited to attend a unique program presented by People for Trees about the special challenges of landscaping and gardening in Florida. In less than one hour, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” will answer such burning questions as, “Can you have a tree on your front yard if you have a drain field?”, “ Does using mulch attract termites?”, “Is a palm really a tree?” and demonstrate how having a Florida-friendly yard is easier than you think if you know the right plants, trees, and shrubs to use. Learn which plants and trees will cause problems, which to avoid, and why. Find out the fastest-growing native shade trees to plant. See how to NOT prune a tree or a palm. Plenty of slideshow visuals and plant/tree lists will be available. 3-gallon native trees will also be given away as door prizes. The group’s regular meeting will immediately follow the program. Find out what is in the works to address the clear-cutting of our native tree canopy in North Port and what else needs to be done in order to protect it. People for Trees, Inc. is a non-profit native tree advocacy group that was started right here in North Port in 1997. For more information, visit www.peoplefortrees.com, or call/email Alice White (941) 426-9752/ treelady12001@yahoo.com

Kayak Excursion #3

Saturday, Sept. 17. We'll paddle one-way along the Myakka River. Right now we'll launch from Border Rd., just over the river past the Sleeping Turtles Preserve NORTH at 8AM.(The Venice Myakka River Park located at the end of Laurel Road, which would be our first choice for a launch site, is closed at this time due to flooding, but we will check on that Friday.)Check the People for Trees Facebook page or call the number below Friday night to confirm our launch site. Must supply your own kayak, lifevest, water, etc. We are making arrangements for some to assist in carpooling participants from Snook Haven back to our launch site in order to retrieve our vehicles. Call (941) 468-2486 for updates and to be put on the Kayak Contact List.

Native Tree Blowout Sale!

The sweetgum tree is our #1 for a great shade tree!

Saturday, September 10, 3-6PM. 3597 Froude St. North Port. 3-gallon native trees ( 4-8ft.tall) for only $12! Choose from Sweetgum, Elm, Cherry Laurel, Bald Cypress, Dahoon Holly. Tour a Florida-friendly yard to see and learn the best plant choices for your Florida yard! Plant lists, tree planting instructions. Contact Alice White (941) 426-9752 for more information.

Are you concerned about the clear-cutting of our tree canopy?

Unfortunately, it's been a common practice for almost the past 20 years. What can you do to change things?
1. Ask the North Port Commission candidates if they support mitigation for trees removed during development that are less than 30 inches across (currently the tree ordinance requires mitigation ONLY for those trees that are 30 inches across or larger!)
2. Email treelady12001@yahoo.com to be put on our contact list for updates.
3. Email commissioners@cityofnorthport.com as well as City Manager jlewis@cityofnorthport.com to express your concerns. It doesn't have to be fancy or drawn-out; just mention your objection to such destruction of our most precious natural resources.
4. Get involved in the United Land Development Code (ULDC) update process that is now taking place. This code includes the tree ordinance which dictates how a lot is cleared for development. Email treelady12001@yahoo.com to be kept informed about this process and to know when public input is being gathered.

Kayak Excursion was awesome!

Our first organized Kayak Excursion was a success! We had 20 vessels in the water; 19 kayaks and one boat! We will be organizing another one in August and possibly once a month on a regular basis after that. Check the People for Trees Facebook page for updates.

Myakkahatchee Creek Kayak/Canoe Excursion

On Saturday, July 16, anyone interested in exploring a portion of the Myakkahatchee Creek by kayak or canoe is invited to join the Kayak/Canoe Excursion that will travel the creek starting at the North Port Boat Ramp (aka Marina Park) located at 7030 Chancellor Blvd. next to the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the AmVets. Assembling at 8:30AM and shoving off no later than 9:00AM, kayak enthusiast Dave Duvall will lead the group and head about three miles north up the creek to pass through the newly-installed portage at the water treatment plant and then continue on to Butler Park. At that point, participants will have a choice as to paddle back with the current to the boat ramp or be shuttled back by vehicle. All participants must supply their own kayak or canoe, and lifejackets. As traveling through the Myakkahatchee Creek can be very unpredictable, be prepared! Water, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and a hat are recommended.
Check the People for Trees Facebook page for updates especially if the weather becomes an issue. For more information contact Alice White (941) 468-2486 or treelady12001@yahoo.com

Register now for our 7th Annual Tour de North Port fundraiser bicycle ride!

“It’s the Green Pumpkin!”

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An on-road organized bicycle ride, 15,35, or 65 miles that showcases some of the most beautiful pine flatwood areas in North Port. It is NOT a race! Breakfast donated by FirstWatch, a catered lunch, desserts, rest stops with homemade snacks, SAG provided by Louie’s Bicycle and The Bicycle Center, door prizes. Pre-registration online $40, on-site $45. First 250 to pre-register will receive a free ride t-shirt, “got shade?” sunglasses, and a goody bag. Doors open at 7AM, group starts begin at 8AM from Imagine School, 2757 Sycamore St. North Port. Proceeds benefit People for Trees, Inc., a local non-profit native tree advocacy group since 1997. More info: (941) 426-9752, text (941) 468-2486 or email treelady12001@yahoo.com. Register by clicking on the link to the right.

We have the trees!

Now available, an assortment of wonderful native trees! 3-gallon, all $12 each. Cherry Laurel ( evergreen,berries for birds, about 8-10 feet tall), Sweetgum (deciduous, fast-growing shade tree, about 8-10 feet tall), Dahoon Holly ( evergreen, berries, small tree, about 4 feet tall), Red Maple (deciduous, does prefer a moist soil, about 4-5 feet tall), Southern Red Cedar ( evergreen, about 12-18 inches tall).

Tree Fair 2016 a success!

Our Tree Fair 2016 was a success in that over 200 native trees will soon be planted and added to our tree canopy! Most of our varieties were sold out before 10:30. I will be getting another shipment and the trees will be available from my backyard. Call or message me if you're in need of trees. BTW, we always have some trees available,just not always the assortment that we had yesterday. You just need to call to find out what kind. (941) 426-9752.

Tree Fair 2016!

Hundreds of native trees will be for sale! Tree workshops, environmental groups.

Save the date! Our Tree Festival is coming back!
Tree Fair 2016, April 16, from 10-2, at the Senior Center on Pan American Blvd. in North Port. Tree workshops at 10:30 & 11:30 to explain the types of native trees that will be for sale so you can make an informed choice about which tree to plant around your home: sweetgum, elm, cherry laurel, bald cypress, pine, red cedar, dahoon holly, hickory pignut. 3-gallon size, $12 each. Free "tree-mendous" reusable bag featuring fantastic tree facts and a pair of "got shade?" sunglasses with each total purchase.
Previously, People for Trees held an annual Tree Festival for 14 years, the last one being in 2012. It was the longest-running festival in North Port continuously sponsored by the same group! See you April 16!

Southern Red Cedars available!

A southern red cedar we planted at North Port High School from a 3-gallon pot. This is about 6 years later!

Southern Red Cedars trees are now available from People for Trees, Inc. This native evergreen tree has small, prickly needles and maintains its symmetrical shape as it matures with the lower branches staying close to the ground. These lower branches are what makes the Southern Red Cedar a great choice for those wishing to have a natural wind, noise, and privacy buffer around their home! The Southern Red Cedar does well in any type of soil and is only available locally from People for Trees, Inc., a non-profit native tree advocacy group that has been creating awareness about the importance of protecting and maintaining our native tree canopy since 1997. The trees are in 3-gallon containers and may be purchased for only $12 each. Contact Alice White at (941) 426-9752 or at treelady12001@yahoo.com for an appointment. Delivery can be arranged.

6th Annual Tour de North Port a success!

About 276 cyclists took to the streets of North Port on Sunday, Oct.25! It was a great day, a great event! Thanks to everyone who rode, worked,and helped to make this happen.

Tree Forum panel discussion

Held recently at the North Port Art Center, panelists and audience members discussed ideas about how we can greater protect our native, mature trees.

Another tree planting!

Girl Scout Troop #716 added a beautiful native sweetgum tree donated by People for Trees,to the playground at Toledo Blade Elementary School. "got shade?" YES, NOW!

Extreme Gardening!

People for Trees presents "Extreme Gardening!" on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at the North Port Library, 6:30PM. Various speakers will be given 10 minutes each to showcase their unique techniques, ideas, and products for those who are passionate about gardening in Florida and to encourage others to become passionate about Florida gardening! Scheduled: The Manic Organic, North Port Community Gardens, Green Leaf Worm Farm, Native Plant Nursery, Arcadia Portable Gardens, Florida Master Gardener Valerie Ollinger. Contact Alice White (treelady12001@yahoo.com) 941-426-9752 for more information. Free.

A beautiful elm tree added to our Tree Walk!

Contact People for Trees to have a Commemorative tree planted.
treelady12001@yahoo.com or (941)426-9752

Our Commemorative Tree Walk keeps GROWING!

Another beautiful native tree, this one an American Elm, was added to our Tree Walk along Tamiami Trail in North Port, just south of North Port Blvd. to honor the memory of a family's loved one.

Trees make for beautiful legacies!

We added two sycamore trees to our Commemorative Tree Walk in North Port along Tamiami Trail; one in memory of my dad, John Salzano and one for long-time supporter and mom of Vice-Chair Linda Massey, Elizabeth Massey. Trees are beautiful tributes to those who enriched our lives. Alice White, chair

More tree plantings sited!

Trees, Trees, Trees! A beautiful memorial magnolia tree was planted at Southside Elementary in Sarasota, an effort spearheaded by Renee Chase.

Earth Day Event: Cloth Diaper Workshop

Let's talk diapers! Do you have a child in diapers? Do you know someone who does? How would you like to buy diapers just ONCE and never have to again? Or put money into your child's college fund instead of literally throwing it away with disposable diapers? Does the idea of never having to make a diaper run at the end of the day appeal to you? How about doing something good for our planet and reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfill? See how easy it is to use CLOTH diapers! People for Trees, Inc. is sponsoring a Cloth Diaper Workshop on Saturday, April 25, at the North Port Library, from 3-4:30. Join us for some candid discussions, informative demonstrations, and hands-on experience in using cloth diapers! As part of this special workshop, People for Trees, Inc. will give away three diaper kits: a supply of diapers, diaper covers, and a diaper pail. Those disposable diapers will remain in our landfills for 250+ years. Is that the type of legacy you thought your children would leave behind? (No pun intended!)

Our beautiful Tamiami Trail Commemorative Tree Walk

We began this Tree Walk in 2003.

With a lot of hard work and sweat, the Tree Walk was pruned, weeded, mowed, and mulched. A beautiful native tree can be planted for $250 which includes delivery, planting, mulching,a plaque, and maintenance. Consider a living legacy to honor someone's memory, a special occasion, or just to leave a tree on this planet! (941)426-9752.

Another successful tree planting!

Girl Scout Troop #86 added a native sweetgum tree to the Tamiami Trail Tree Walk, April 18. Way to go, girls!

Vote for North Port's Greenest Citizen!

Our "very own" Valerie Ollinger has been nominated for North Port's Green Citizen of the Year! Please go to www.YourNorthPort.com to cast your vote for Valerie. This great lady has been with People for Trees since 1998, is a Florida Master Gardener, has been president of the Allamanda Garden Club, and I don't know anyone who is more passionate about Florida-friendly gardening! You can vote as often as you'd like- tell your friends! Thanks.

Cub Scout Pack #157 gets into tree planting!

Cub Scout Pack #157 and their sweetgum tree!

A very enthusiastic group of Cub Scouts added two more trees to our Tamiami Trail Commemorative Tree Walk which helped them to earn their conservation credits for a badge. A magnolia and a sweetgum will now provide shade, homes for wildlife, oxygen, and filter pollutants from the air we breathe. Thanks boys!

When someone says a tree can't be saved...

This video is amazing. It really puts things in prospective when we hear about how even just one small tree "can't be saved" on a development site.

A tree gets planted in North Port!

Debbie Stankiewicz (left) and Jill Luke with the Magnolia tree planted at our Tree Walk!

A beautiful native Magnolia tree was just added to our Tamiami Trail Tree Walk,courtesy of Jill Luke, North Port's 2012 Citizen of the Year! People for Trees began this project (located along the access road just south of North Port Blvd.) in 2004 and it remains one of our most successful! You, too, can have a tree planted. Contact Alice White @ (941)426-9752 or treelady12001@yahoo.com for the details.

Memorial Tree planted at North Port High School

People for Trees donated and planted a beautiful 25-gallon native sweetgum tree at North Port High School Saturday morning. It's a memorial tree that will be dedicated Monday, Dec. 2, @ 4PM for Joshua Hill, a student who passed away in September. Planting native trees and greening our world -it's what we do!

Thanks to Linda, Debbie, & Josh for coming out early to get the tree in the ground!

Trees are ready for the Fourth!

Our N. Salford trees are ready for the Fourth!

Our beautiful street trees along N. Salford are now adorned in red, white, and blue for the Fourth. We tied ribbons and flags, and added a couple of signs. Thanks to Val and Debbie S. for helping to do this!

And we have a winner!

Art teacher Tiffany Jennings, Blake Cross, Valerie Ollinger, Lindsey Gill, Victor Korchuk

We invited the art students of teacher Tiffany Jennings at North Port High School to submit logo designs for our next Tour de North Port bicycle ride that will take place October 20, 2013. PfT member Valerie Ollinger did all the coordinating. Tenth grader Lindsey Gill received $100 for her winning design with two others coming in a very close second so we awarded them each an Honorable Mention with a cash award of $25. We'll use Lindsey's design on the tour t-shirts, flyers, brochures, etc. Way to go Lindsey!

We plant another Florida-friendly landscape project!

There will now be shade and beauty for children to enjoy as they play!

On a sunny Saturday morning, we teamed up with other volunteers to install Florida elm trees, butterfly-attracting plants, and other Florida-friendly shrubs and plants around the playground area at the Children First child-care facility at North Port High School. People for Trees donated all of the plants, materials, and supplies including two hoses and a wind-up hose carrier. This makes our THIRD Children First landscaping project since we did the same for the North Port and Venice facilities!

Cody Huntley, our Youth Board Member, honored!

Cody Huntley receives his Youth of the Year Award from Alice White, chair of People for Trees

Cody Huntley who has been on our Board of Directors for the past three years, was chosen to receive the Youth of the Year award at the Community Youth Development Ceremony held at the Sarasota Yacht Club. We nominated Cody because of his unrelenting commitment and the sense of responsibility he continually showed in fulfilling the mission of People for Trees. Cody is graduating from North Port High School June 1 and although we will miss him tree-mendously, we know great things lie ahead for him.

Our Annual Tour de North Port was GREAT!

The third Annual Tour de North Port bicycle ride was held in October.

Our now annual bicycle ride fundraiser held in October, the Tour de North Port, was a success. Close to 250 riders took to the streets of North Port to follow either a 15,35,65, and this year,even a 100-mile route! Proceeds from this event are earmarked for "Tree Wiz", our vision to create a unique, hands-on environmental discovery center. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped and to our wonderful sponsors.

Butterfly garden at Children First in Venice completed!

A beautiful butterfly garden for the children at Children First, Venice

We installed some Florida-friendly landscaping and a butterfly garden at the Children First facility in Venice on Aug. 18. People for Trees volunteers included Valerie Ollinger, Jennifer Cohen, Linda Massey, and Rhonda DiFranco.

It ain't easy being a tree...

Street trees have it tough...

This poor sweetgum got in the way of a car full of teens during a downpour....The tree was one of the 180 we had planted along N. Salford Blvd. in the summer of 2010 during Phase II of our street tree project.

Our Children First landscape project, one year later!

We added Florida elms to what was a very barren, shadeless area for children!

We had partnered with the North Port Home Depot back in May of 2011 to install Florida-friendly plants, shrubs, and trees in several areas at the Children First facility on Pan Am Blvd. Today, all of those gardens are just thriving! Just beautiful! Check out our Photo Gallery for more photos.

Tree Planting at LaBrea Park, North Port!

Valerie Ollinger really enjoys planting trees and gets some watering help from Hank Chiminello.

On Saturday, June 23, People for Trees coordinated a tree planting project at LaBrea Park in North Port. We donated 10 beautiful native Florida Elm trees that were planted with the help of about 30 volunteers including those who represented the North Port Huskys Football team, the North Port Lions Club, and the Knight Owls Kiwanis. In addition to the elm trees, three large slash pines donated by Charlie of HomeCo. Landscaping were also planted. As is done with all of our tree plantings, we will continue to water and monitor these trees so that they will provide much needed shade and benefits in this park. See our photo gallery for more photos.

Venice High School graduation stage "green-ified" by People for Trees!

Venice High School graduation stage with greenery arrangement designed by People for Trees

The word has gotten out about the fantastic job we do in decorating high school graduation stages!

People for Trees decorate high school graduation stages!

This year we added a skirt for the NPHS graduation stage. Check it out!

For the past ten years, members of People for Trees have been providing the greenery for the North Port High School graduation stage. Well, word got out about what a GREAT job we do and this year we were asked to "greenify" the Venice High School stage as well! Thanks to D&B Nursery for loaning out their beautiful palms and plants.

Girl Scouts Plant trees at Lamarque School!

Girl Scouts planted three Florida elm trees at Lamarque Elementary School.

Girl Scout Troop #241 planted three beautiful Florida Elm trees at Lamarque Elementary School in May. They wanted to do something for the environment as part of the Girl Scout "Go Green" initiative. The trees were planted in the primary playground area and will one day provide some wonderful shade for children.

Our "Red, White,and Blue" garden looks great!

Ashleigh Thompson, Jan Lewicke, Valerie Ollinger, Marty Lewicke, and Cheryl Cook helped to install new plants at our Red, White, and Blue Garden.

Thanks to the help of some wonderful members, some additional plants were added to our patriotic "Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue" garden located near the North Port Library and Veterans Park, Red Pentas and Blue Plumbago. Flags were added to commemorate Memorial Day. Some of you may recall we installed this garden back in 2004 with grant funds received from the Gulf Coast Foundation of Venice.

We celebrated Florida Arbor Day!

Jonathan Albino, a North Port High School Interact Club member, had a good technique for breaking through the tough ground!

On Saturday, January 21, we planted six Florida elm trees at Kirk Park in North Port in honor of Florida's Arbor Day which is the third Friday in January. After breaking through some pretty hard ground, the rest was a piece of cake! Prior to the tree planting, we had our monthly Eco-Kids program which featured...tree-mendous tree activities and games! Every Eco-Kid got to take home a one-gallon sweetgum tree!

The second annual Tour de North Port was GREAT!

Cyclists who stopped at Little Salt Spring were treated to a tour of the site!

Our now annual fundraiser bicycle ride, the Tour de North Port, was a HUGE success! On October 23, over 200 riders took to the streets and sidewalks of North Port, with 32 signing on that morning! We served them breakfast, lunch, provided four fully-stocked rest stops and SAG support from Louie's Bicycle. It's amazing what we accomplished with a small budget and an even smaller group of volunteers. But it was the RIGHT group! Thanks to those who baked delicious goodies for desserts, manned a rest stop, prepared bagels and PB&J sandwiches, put up and took down signs, served as route monitors, and secured a sponsor or two. Members of the PfT BOD especially went that extra mile; Bonita Goldman, Valerie Ollinger, Linda Massey, Matt West, and youth member Cody Huntley. Proceeds will benefit our effort to create our very own "Tree University Eco-Center". Mark your calendars for next year's tour, Sunday,October 21!

Another great beautification project

All decked out for the 4th of July!

We recently received a grant from the Heron Creek Foundation, part of which was to purchase signs and create four areas along N. Salford Blvd. noting our street tree project that was planted in the summers of 2008 and 2009. Check out the photo!

One of our gardens that earned us a Keep Sarasota County Beautiful Award!

A beautiful addition to Lamarque Elementary School thanks to the efforts of many!

The Butterfly Garden/Native Tree Walk we installed at Lamarque Elementary School last year is looking great! We were just there again with a few Daisy Brownies who wanted to do something nice for their community!

People for Trees is recognized by Keep Sarasota County Beautiful!

Alice White accepted the award on behalf of People for Trees, and Valerie Ollinger received the "Volunteer of the Year" award!

We received an award at the Keep Sarasota County Beautiful Volunteer Recognition Awards Program on May 25 in the "Land,Sea, and Air Preservation" category for our efforts in planting hundreds of trees and a number of Florida-friendly gardens throughout North Port. A big thank you to Julie Belia from the City of North Port for nominating us!

People for Trees goes everywhere!

Students who visited the People for Trees booth made tree fact bookmarks.

We recently participated in the day-long Earth Day Celebration held at Vineland Elementary School in Englewood. Classes who visited our table learned about the many benefits of trees, especially since they were able to enjoy the shade of a beautiful tree where they were standing!

People for Trees, out and about in the community!

Oak tree we helped with for the "Girls on the Run" program at Vineland Elementary.

We recently helped to plant a tree at Vineland Elementary School in Englewood for their "Girls on the Run" 12-week program that recently concluded. And less than five days after planting the tree, it was already a home for a bird's nest!

Our 13th Annual Tree Festival was "treemendous"!

Hundreds of trees were sold during our annual tree festival!

This year's Tree Festival was fantastic! We sold hundreds of trees and people were very interested in learning about our native trees during our workshop sessions. Great food was provided by the Knight Owls Kiwanis, special sounds of the "Crystal Singing Bowls" by David Jiminez, and many wonderful vendors. A special thanks to our sponsors: D&B Nursery, Charlotte Bonsai Club, Coastal Wildlife Club, Democratic Club, Pep Johnson, Treemendous Trees,T's Plus, City of North Port, North Port Utilities. Additional support provided by: North Port Home Depot, Walmart, Allamanda Garden Club, ECKANKAR, Greater Charlotte Harbor Sierra Club, Anatoli Kossintsev, D&B Nursery. Trees are still available for sale at 3597 Froude St. for $12 each, or $10 with workshop coupon. Call for an appointment: 426-9752.

Street tree project a GREEN success!

Native elm trees doing very well along N. Salford Blvd., two years after planting!

In the summer of 2008, People for Trees partnered with the City of North Port to plant 120 native elms and sweetgums along N. Salford Blvd. The agreement included having People for Trees responsible for the watering and maintenance of the trees for two years. We are happy to report that to date we have had a 100% survival rate of these trees! All are thriving and providing shade and a sense of community for those fortunate enough to live along this stretch of road.
"I am blessed everyday as I drive down Salford enjoying the trees." Ann Ulmer, teacher at Lamarque Elementary School. In the summer of 2009, another 185 native elms, oaks, sweetgums, and magnolias where added for a total of 305 street trees that are now lining N. Salford Blvd. from Price Blvd. to Sardinia. Go for a drive and check them out!

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