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Race Info

Welcome to the Susan Bradley-Cox Tri for Sight!

We hope this page will provide you with all the information you need to know to make your participation in this decades old event a success. Below you will find details about our:

  • Schedule
  • Parking
  • Transition Area
  • Course Maps
  • Awards
  • USAT Rules
  • Miscellaneous Race Details
  • & Spectating

If you still have questions after reviewing this information below, please contact the Race Director at:

Jody Shoup
Race Director



  • 5:30 - 6:45am Packet pick-up, timing chip distribution, and body marking
  • 5:45 TRANSITION OPENS - you must have your timing chip and body marking in order to enter transition
  • 6:30 Christian Morning Prayer in the Episcopal tradition led by local triathlete George VanMeter [behind the Barn]
  • 7:15 On-site Parking closes
  • 7:20 pre-race announcements
  • 7:30 National Anthem - Michael Preacely
  • 7:45 Race START  Triathlon, Aqua-bike, Aqua-Run start at the Pool.  Duathlon will start just outside of transition on the road headed towards Iron Works. 
  • ~10:30 Anticipated last bike off course, transition open to remove bikes
  • 10:30 Parking and Spindletop drive re-open
  • 11:00 Awards ceremony


  • As you enter the drive into Spindletop there is a lot to your left, in front of and to the left side of the mansion.  
    This lot will hold ~100 vehicles and will be first come, first served. Please use the main entrance to UK’s Club at Spindletop Hall and then follow volunteer directions into Spindletop. There will be parking volunteers race morning to guide you, so please follow their directions!! This parking is in a paved lot. 

  • Once the lot is full overflow parking will be in the field.  
    As you enter Spindletop you'll be directed to the right, towards the Legacy Trail, into the field parking.  Please follow the guidance of the volunteers - this field belongs to the UK Ag Research group and it is imperative that we minimize our impact.  Please note that this is a grass field, your shoes will likely get damp.

  • You may NOT leave the parking area until at least 10:30 if you park in the lot at Spindletop.
    Even if you are finished well before this, as we are not planning to let any cars out of the parking area until most of the bikes have returned from the bike course. So, PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH OUR VOLUNTEERS, as the safety and the flow of our course is most important. If you must depart before 10:30, we suggest you park on Research Park Drive and ride your bike (with helmet on) on the Legacy Trail to Spindletop. Just be advised if you take that option that you will still not be able to take your bike out of the transition area until we have most bikes in anyway. We need to keep the transition area clear for participants coming in with their bikes. Please be respectful of your fellow athletes.  

  • Parking for spectators not arriving with athletes is available at Research Park Drive.
    Research Park Driveis located about a 1/4 mile west of Spindletop off Iron Works Pike. Turn onto Research Park Drive, follow it to the end and find a parking spot on either side of the road as close to the Legacy Trail as you can.


  • The transition area will be open for transition set-up from 5:45 am – 7:15 a.m. race morning.

  • Only competitors may be in the transition areas

  • Timing chip and participant number must be on bike BEFORE you enter the transition area

  • Helmets are required
    You must have the helmet fully strapped BEFORE you leave the transition area, and it MUST remain on and strapped when you enter, and while on the bike course. 

  • Relay Exchange Details 
    There is a  Relay Chip Exchange location within the transition area in the grass island next to the swim in/run out entrance. ALL RELAY MEMBERS must exchange their chips in this exchange location!! Bikers must meet their swimmer in this relay exchange area, and secure the chip to your ankle before going to the bike rack location. You may already have your bike helmet and bike shoes on while waiting in the relay exchange location. Runners must meet their biker in this relay exchange area after the biker has finished racking their bike. Runners must secure the timing chip to their ankle before leaving the relay exchange area. 


Tri and Aqua-bike Swim Course: 400 Meter Pool Swim
The swim will take place in the competition pool at the Club at Spindletop Hall and will be 400 meters in length. The swim will be “snake style” so swimmers will swim down and back in each lane, always staying to the left in the direction they are swimming. Upon returning to the start end of the pool, swim under the lane line to enter the next lane until you’ve completed all eight. Flip turns are optional. Athletes will be required to sit and slide into the pool and will be instructed to “go” when it is time for them to start. THERE WILL BE NO DIVING OR JUMPING allowed for the start of the swim. Any athlete that jumps or dives to start the race will be disqualified, no exceptions! There will be 15 seconds of spacing between athletes.

Once the last swimmer has entered the pool, all swimmers in the pool will have 20 minutes from that point to complete the swim. If you have not completed the swim by then, you will be asked to forfeit your timing chip. We do this because we have a limited time window for use of the bike course, so significantly delaying entry onto the bike course could jeopardize our ability to meet the deadlines required by the police and Spindletop. 

Duathlon Course: Run: 2 miles
The initial leg of the duathlon will start on the road next to the pool and will be an out and back behind and to the east of the Spindletop property on paved roads.

Tri, Du and Aqua-bike Bike Course: 12.6 miles
-Leave transition area and go right on drive and around loop in front of Spindletop Hall
-Proceed out main drive to a right onto Iron Works Pike. The run course will also be on the shoulder on Iron Works for a 1/2 mi. stretch, so you MUST stay on the roadway and off the shoulder.
-Cross Newtown Pike and then turn left onto Mt. Horeb Pike
-Follow signage and volunteers to the turnaround
-Return using the same route

For Aqua-bikers, their time will stop once they have crossed the timing mat coming back into the transition area after the bike leg of the event. We encourage them to come across the finish line anyway to receive their finisher’s medal, but this is not required. They can walk to the back side of the finish area to receive their medal as well.

Tri and Du Run Course: 3 miles
-Out of transition through the back of the parking lot and then left behind Spindletop. It is critically important that you stay on the roadway and do not throw trash into the grass or fields throughout the course in the UK Ag Department farm area (from the gate at Spindletop to Iron Works Pike). They have many experimental crops growing in the fields adjacent to the road, and if anything jeopardizes one of those experiments, or we are not good stewards of the property, we will not be permitted to use this run course again next year.

-Follow volunteers and signage out to a right on Iron Works Pike (onto shoulder)
-Run about 0.5 miles to turnaround at Newtown Pike
-Back on the same route to the finish in Spindletop parking lot.


  • Triathlon
    Top 3 Overall (M/F/NB/Clydesdale/Athena)
    Age Divisions (M/F/NB/Clydesdale/Athena): Top 3, unswe 18, 18-25, 25-30, etc.

  • Triathlon Relays
    Top team in each category (Male, Female, Mixed)

  • Duathlon
    Top 3 Overall (M/F/NB/Clydesdale/Athena)
    Age Divisions (M/F/NB/Clydesdale/Athena): Top 3, 18-25, 25-30, etc.

  • Duathlon Relays
    Top team each division (M/F/Coed)

  • Aqua Bike/Aqua Run
    Top 3 Overall (M/F/NB)


The Susan Bradley-Cox Tri for Sight follows the official rules of USA Triathlon. Please review and understand them here.


    There will be a bike mechanic from Bicycle Face on hand race morning until the race begins to help with any minor bike problems. If your bike has major bike problems, please take it to a mechanic in advance of the event because this bike mechanic will not have the time or tools to do any major work.

    Several Port-A-Potties will be located near transition, and there are restrooms in the “Barn” next to the Tri For Sight tent, and in the pool house locker rooms hear the pool deck. There will also be a Port-A-Potty at the 1 mile mark on the run course.

    Inclement weather might force the cancellation of the swim. In this case, the Race Director at her discretion may opt to include a short run to replace the swim, to shorten a leg of the event, or make any other adjustment as necessary. If weather is so severe that the safety of participants is a concern, the event may be delayed to later in the morning. If bad weather conditions persist, the event may be cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, no make up date will be offered and no refunds will be given.

    No refunds will be provided. 


    The course maps are available above, so this should help you get an idea where the action takes place.

    To watch the swim, you should walk around the pool along the side with the paved road. You will not be allowed to enter the pool deck, but there is plenty of room around the fence to stand and watch. Once your swimmer has left the pool, you could walk down towards the transition area or stand a long the road to watch them bike out. They will return along this road on the bike before heading out on the run. To watch them leave on the run and return to the finish area, you can walk over to the other side of the transition area, between the TA and the event tent. Just be careful of athletes that might be still coming from the pool towards transition. Definitely use caution anywhere you see a coned area for athletes!

  • FOOD
    All of the food we will be offering at the event tent is for athletes only. If you want to purchase food, Spindletop will have food available at very reasonable prices at the tiki bar near the pool deck starting at 10 am.

    Family of participants are invited to stay to spend the day at Spindeltop, so plan to enjoy their great facility!

    If your athlete is not attending the awards ceremony, they can leave as soon as we open up the transition area for removing their bikes, which will likely be around 10:15. The parking area next to the transition area will likely not open until at least 10:30, or once we are down to our last few bikers on the course.


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